Please note: Theater of the Mind is in development and planning is in progress.
This FAQ page will be updated with additional information as more details are available.


It’s a 360° journey that puts the audience at the center of the story. For Theater of the Mind, intimate groups of just 16 people will be led through a mesmerizing 15,000 square foot installation of intriguing environments and artistic storytelling. You will be invited to participate in unique sensory experiments inspired by neuroscience, but will not be asked to perform. Due to the visceral, personal nature of immersive work, no two participants will have the same experience

No. Theater of the Mind is an immersive theatrical experience co-created by David Byrne with writer Mala Gaonkar. While David will not be a performer in this piece, you will get to know a new side of him as a creative artist beyond his music. Learn more about David, Mala and their inspiration.

Learn more about David at www.davidbyrne.com.

Yes! We’ve consulted the list below over the course of this project’s development.

From David and Mala:
The ultimate reference and checks for all ideas has been, of course, our partner labs that are listed here, alongside our gratitude and appreciation:
Geraint Rees (UCL), Patrick Haggard (UCL), Ana Tajadura-­Jiménez (UCL), Sally Linkenauger (University of Lancaster), Shin Shimojo (Caltech), Sam Schwarzkopf (UCL), Beau Lotto (UCL), Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez­-Conde (SUNY), Henrik Ehrsson and Bjorn Van Der Voort (Karolinska Institutet), Diana Deutsch (UCSD), Richard Brown and Ted Koterwas (formerly San Francisco Exploratorium), BeAnotherLab (Barcelona), Dan Simmons (University of Illinois), Emile Bruneau (MIT), Daniela Schiller (Mount Sinai), David Carmel (University of Edinburgh), Steven Most (University of New South Wales), Bahador Bahrami (UCL), Sepideh Bazazi, Mahzarin Banaji (Harvard), Liz Phelps (NYU), Joshua Correll (Colorado), David Rand (Yale), Ernst Fehr (University of Zurich), Paul Glimcher (NYU), Fiery Cushman (Harvard), Joshua Green (Harvard), Jonathan Haidt (UV), Paul Bloom (Yale), Cristian Danescu­-Niculescu­-Mizil (Cornell), Lars Hall and Petter Johansson (Lund University), Patrick Cavanagh (Dartmouth), John Reynolds (Salk Institute), Alexander Todorov (Princeton), Chris Frith (UCL).

Our scientific consultants Julia Harris and Elisabeth Engl were indispensable references as well.


Update June 29, 2021: We are thrilled to confirm that DCPA Off Center is committed to producing this World Premiere production in 2022, which was postponed due to the impact of COVID-19. New dates will be announced in the future — stay tuned!

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Theater of the Mind is supported in part by Science Sandbox, an initiative of the Simons Foundation.

This project has been funded in part by a grant from the Colorado Tourism Office.

Additional support from Scientific and Cultural Facilities District.